As front-man for eighteen years with popular Rock n Roll band the Accelerators, Steve Smith’s passion for traditional Country music showed in his singing and song-writing. He’d always had a desire for a Honky Tonk style Country band and in 2015 he formed Border Radio.

With Steve as lead singer, co-Accelerator Gavin Brightwell on bass, guitarist Jim Blair and original drummer Art Alexander, Border Radio had a sound of their own but it was clearly evident that the music of artists such as Marty Stuart, BR549 and Doug Sahm played a big part in the development of that sound.

It wasn’t long before the band started to make an impression on Country music lovers in clubs and bars around Scotland and bookings from festival promoters around the UK were soon on offer.

With a couple of new band members Border Radio are now working on new material and are looking forward to playing again in the near future. Gigs are confirmed for 2019 and if you want to book them get in touch real fast!

Border Radio
The term ‘border radio’ refers to the American broadcasting industry that sprang up on Mexico’s northern border in the early 1930s and flourished for half a century. These mega-watt ‘border blaster’ stations were set up beyond the reach of US regulators and beamed programmes across the United States. Border radio played a significant role in popularising Country music during pre and post World War 11 years with Webb Pierce saying “Country music might not have survived if it hadn’t been for Border Radio.”