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“… (Border Radio) specialise in the kind of honky-tonk music you would normally hear in the very best of Nashville or Texan bars … “

Comments like this coming from a Country music promoter let you know Border Radio are doing something right! Along with endorsements from travelling Texans and a Country music enthusiast from Alabama who said their music made her feel homesick for the Honky Tonks back home!

Border Radio are based in Scotland and have a passion for traditional Country music. They draw inspiration from pioneers such as: Hank Williams and Ray Price, giants of ’70s Country music scene Doug Sahm and the Flying Burrito Brothers, along with more modern-day artists Marty Stuart, BR549 and the Derailers.

Their music features original numbers and the very best in traditional Country covers.

Check out some recently recorded tracks here, videos from gigs and photos.

Most importantly, catch them at a gig soon!